This FAQ is a general guide...Santa Steve is always happy to accommodate reasonable requests.

Q.    What area does Charm City Santa serve?
    Santa Steve serves t he greater Baltimore metropolitan area, and surrounding cities.
Q.     How long does a Santa visit last?
A.     A standard in home visit usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Corporate parties or larger events are  based  on individual client needs.
Q.     What does Santa Steve bring to my party / event?
A.     Santa brings give-aways for children such as coloring books or stickers which are included in your fee.  If you have gifts for Santa to hand out to your guests please coordinate your needs with Santa and his   helpers prior   to Santa's arrival.  Be sure your gifts are pre labeled clearly or Santa may give Grandma Bobby's XBOX!
Q.      How much room does Santa need at my holiday event?
A.       Santa requires a roomy comfortable chair and enough space surrounding Santa's seating to accommodate  photo opportunities for your guests.  Setting is important too; consider seating Santa near a fireplace or Christmas tree.  Be sure to charge video cameras, and have cameras ready. 
Q.       I have a child with special needs, is this a problem?
A.       Santa Steve loves all children, and has plenty of experience with special needs.  Please express your concerns and Santa can tailor his visit to your individual needs.
Q.      How will I know when Santa is here?
A.       Santa will TEXT a 5 minute alert to arrival.  Make sure everyone is ready for the grand entrance!

Q.      Where did Santa Steve get his Santa attire?
A.        Clients say he is a cut above the rest...a top notch Santa.
Steve has been in the entertainment business for 35 years and has learned when you offer the best you get the best!
Santa Steve's attire is all custom made.  
Q.     Is there a payment etiquette?
A.     You can reserve your Santa Steve visit with a deposit.  Payment in full is required at the end of your event.   Please do not hand cash to Santa.  It is best to hand Santa or his helper an envelope or card containing your balance.  Santa does appreciate tips for a job well done however this is based on your personal preference.
Q.    Is Santa Steve available on my date?
A.     Santa Steve books up fast.  P lease email us asap to coordinate the perfect Santa visit for you!  Booking a year  in advance is recommended!

Q.     How much does Santa Steve charge for a visit? 

A.     Santa Steve's fees start at $200.00 (for a typical 45 minute in home visit)